Truveon offers programs for the utility company that wants to offer homeowners a true partner in making their home the best it can be.

Utility companies have been very focused on programs to help their customers become more thoughtful about efficiency.

A utility company partnering with Truveon takes those programs many steps further by making their customers’ homes perform the best they can.

The power company becomes more than just a supplier of energy to the customer. They become a partner and service provider in home performance and efficiency.

Electric Membership Corporations

Truveon is for the EMC that wants to serve its members with an intelligent, modern, and informed approach to efficiency.

EMCs are unique in the energy industry with their mission to serve their members. They must balance efficiency with costs. Without good data about homes and member preferences, their ability to do this is limited.

Truveon and EMCs can offer cheaper power, greener power, simple installation, and certain results. Truveon’s analytical tools enable EMCs to give their members the best home possible—with little effort by the member.


Truveon is for the homeowner who wants the Maximum Efficiency Home—a home that provides the most comfort and the highest efficiency with the lowest operating cost.

A home in the Truveon system is a home that is performing the best it can perform at all times.

The initial cost of making a home a Truveon home is paid for by the energy savings achieved and the homeowner still sees savings year after year.

Not only that, but the home joins the smart revolution that the other things in our lives have, like our cars and phones.

Truveon becomes more than just a service for the homeowner. It also becomes a resource, offering other possible energy improvements, as well as economic analysis on the cost savings they are currently achieving.

While Truveon works to make the power company more efficient, we are first an advocate for Maximum Efficiency homes.