It’s time for an entirely new approach to home energy.
One that enables homes to run efficiently and eliminates waste without sacrificing comfort. One that uses the power of data to make our homes as efficient as possible. One that requires no effort from the homeowner. Truveon is that approach.

We live in a
data-driven world.

It’s likely that your car’s computer is measuring nearly every one of its components. The computer is constantly working to keep you safe and ensure the best performance that it can achieve.

What if your car could learn from the world around it? What if it could learn from every other car around it? Or traffic conditions? Or weather? Or our driving patterns?

This is exactly what Truveon does for our homes.

Truveon intelligently controls the energy of your home.

Truveon enables homes to run at their most efficient without the homeowner giving it a second thought.

Here’s how:

Truveon measures performance from information from the appliances that use the most energy.

That information is compared to a model of other highly efficient homes in the area, while keeping your data private.

It even incorporates weather data to understand the home’s operating condition.

Truveon can then help homeowners control the systems in their home, making sure it performs at maximum efficiency.

The result is effortless efficiency.

Truveon is a cost effective service that allows electric utilities to help homeowners maintain their homes at the highest efficiency. For the homeowner, this service comes with no effort. No other company matches Truveon’s technology or replicates its integrated approach.

Want to learn how it works?

Truveon creates the
Maximum Efficiency

Truveon completely changes what it means to be an energy services company. First, Truveon works with contractors to ensure a home’s systems are tuned to maximum efficiency. This creates a starting point, a model for Truveon to use as a reference.

That reference is then compared to aggregated information from other homes, climate data, and the homeowner’s preferences.

Truveon’s TruEnergy® system comprehensively measures the energy performance of a house by combining energy usage data from particular appliances, detailed HVAC system performance measurement, and data about the structure and building envelope itself. The TruEnergy® system then compares individual home performance against its reference model to provide hard, quantitative, real-world energy efficiency data (by way of an objective TruEE® score) about the house. Information gathered by the TruEnergy® system is then utilized for energy usage management and customer information services on energy usage and energy efficiency.

Truveon has developed a suite of TruEfficiency™ applications that act on that information to improve a home’s energy use by sending commands back to systems like the heater or air conditioner to ensure maximum efficiency.

The best part is that TruEfficiency™ applications measure and improve the home’s efficiency no matter what the homeowner sets the thermostat to. Each home can be provided with a TruEE® score to help home owners figure out how well their home is performing in real life. Where most behavior-based efficiency programs fail, Truveon simply doesn’t depend on it.

TruEfficiency™ applications are also able to identify problems with many of the home’s systems before the homeowner knows.

Whenever HVAC technicians comes to your home to maintain your HVAC system, they will use one or more TruEfficiency™ applications to analyze the performance of your air conditioning system. These TruEfficiency™ applications will assist the technician by providing information that helps them provide the best services required to bring your system back to the best level of performance.

If the air conditioner’s performance begins to vary significantly, as indicated by a continuously updated TruEER® score that is individually derived for each air conditioning system, then TruEfficiency™ applications can alert the homeowner that they should get a contractor out to take a look.

In addition, Truveon also offers the homeowner information that provides an economic analysis to help understand their return on the energy investment.

This is simply the Truveon helping the home achieve Maximum Efficiency.

Truveon is an Energy Management System

The same information that is used to improve energy performance in individual homes is anonymized and shared with the power company in a report Truveon calls a TruMetrics® Report.

These reports aggregate information from every Truveon home to help the power company increase efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of their operations.

Power companies can then use that knowledge to permanently lower peak demand through improved residential energy consumption. Plus, Truveon can provide load control services all in one service.

Truveon gives utilities more accurate, real-time information on their system. A Truveon partnered power company is more efficient and more cost-effective.


Truveon offers programs for the utility company that wants to offer homeowners a true partner in making their home the best it can be.

Utility companies have been very focused on programs to help their customers become more thoughtful about efficiency.

A utility company partnering with Truveon takes those programs many steps further by making their customers’ homes perform the best they can.

The power company becomes more than just a supplier of energy to the customer. They become a partner and service provider in home performance and efficiency.

Electric Membership Corporations

Truveon is for the EMC that wants to serve its members with an intelligent, modern, and informed approach to efficiency.

EMCs are unique in the energy industry with their mission to serve their members. They must balance efficiency with costs. Without good data about homes and member preferences, their ability to do this is limited.

Truveon and EMCs can offer cheaper power, greener power, simple installation, and certain results. Truveon’s analytical tools enable EMCs to give their members the best home possible—with little effort by the member.


Truveon is for the homeowner who wants the Maximum Efficiency Home—a home that provides the most comfort and the highest efficiency with the lowest operating cost.

A home in the Truveon system is a home that is performing the best it can perform at all times.

The initial cost of making a home a Truveon home is paid for by the energy savings achieved and the homeowner still sees savings year after year.

Not only that, but the home joins the smart revolution that the other things in our lives have, like our cars and phones.

Truveon becomes more than just a service for the homeowner. It also becomes a resource, offering other possible energy improvements, as well as economic analysis on the cost savings they are currently achieving.

While Truveon works to make the power company more efficient, we are first an advocate for Maximum Efficiency homes.

Who is Truveon?

Truveon provides utility companies with intelligent programs that permanently lower peak energy use without compromising homeowner comfort.

Truveon adds value for utilities, EMCs, the home-building industry, and homeowners. It allows these businesses to expand and improve their offerings by building new business models based on proven and effective services.

Contact: Truveon Corporation | 2310 Sparger Road, Unit I | Durham, NC 27705 | (919) 489-8921 |

(919) 489-8921 |

Truveon is a services company.

While some of Truveon’s revenue comes from up-front equipment investments from utilities and contractors, the real focus is on service subscriptions. These services are real-time data, analysis, problem-solving, and expertise.

Truveon’s team is

Jan-Dieter Spalink

Jan-Dieter Spalink

Chief Executive Officer

Jan-Dieter is a technology visionary with a long history of entrepreneurial leadership. Jan-Dieter’s experience includes Founder and CTO of online market intelligence company Plurimus (formerly Foveon), and President & CEO of network-based information processing company Augment Inc. Previously Jan-Dieter held technical and management positions with Alcatel Network Systems, MCI Telecommunications, and AT&T Bell Labs. Jan-Dieter has a PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University in Germany.


Board of Directors.

Jo Anne Sanford

Jo Anne Sanford

The principal in Sanford Law Office and a founding partner in Blount Street Advisors, Jo Anne Sanford is a Raleigh attorney and consultant to clients in the regulated industry arena. Representing three Fortune 500 companies regarding regulatory compliance and policy, Sanford focuses on their North Carolina infrastructure investment opportunities, particularly in the areas of communications, electricity and water. Ms. Sanford’s career of 32 years with state government included 20 years with the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, and then 12 years with the North Carolina Utilities Commission, where she served as Chair for over a decade. Her extensive professional and civic non-profit board and commission experience have included the SECU, the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research, NCSU’s Board of Visitors, Burning Coal Theatre, and four national boards associated with utilities.


Richard Harkrader

Richard Harkrader

Richard Harkrader, CEO of Carolina Solar Energy LLC, is an architect emeritus, a building contractor and real estate developer and founder and partner of numerous businesses. He started Carolina Solar Energy LLC, in 2004 to develop utility scale solar photovoltaic electric generation. As of the July 2012, CSE has developed, built and operates over 18.6 MWdc of utility scale solar generators in NC. Mr. Harkrader is an advocate for renewable energy and energy efficiency, serving three times as Chair of the NC Sustainable Energy Association, where he remains a board member. He served from 1998 to 2002 as the Governor’s environmental representative on the NC Legislative Study Commission on Electric Utility Deregulation and from 2003 to 2005 as Vice Chair of NC GreenPower, a non-profit providing clean electricity to North Carolinians, which he helped establish. Mr. Harkrader lives in Durham, NC.


Arnie Katz

Arnie Katz

Arnie Katz recently retired after 27 years at Advanced Energy, a Raleigh-based firm specializing in training, consulting, and research in energy efficiency. He served as Director of Training and Senior Building Science Consultant and director of the NC Healthy Housing Training Center. He has presented at numerous national and regional conferences, primarily on cost-effective energy efficiency for affordable housing and the connections between energy efficiency and occupant health. He has published widely in both trade and consumer publications and served as Technical Editor for the Exemplary Home Builders Field Guide. Most recently, he co-authored “Weatherization and Opportunities to Improve Health Conditions in Homes” in Healthy and Safe Homes published by the American Public Health Association. He currently consults with the National Center for Healthy Housing and its sister organization, Healthy Homes Solutions, as well as for Advanced Energy.


Lem Lasher

Lem Lasher

R. Lemuel “Lem” Lasher, Director: Lem Lasher has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the information technology industry. He presently serves as founder and managing director of Boehme Eckhart, LLC, a Consulting and Advisory firm focused on Digital Strategy, Innovation & Globalization. From 1990 to 2013 Mr. Lasher served in various executive capacities with Computer Sciences Corporation, including: Vice President, Strategic Projects; Vice President Managing Director & General Manager South West Europe, and President CSC France; and Chief Innovation Officer and corporate vice president for the Office of Innovation; and President, Global Business Solutions Group. Prior to joining CSC, Mr. Lasher was Vice President for Integrated Software Resources, Inc. Mr. Lasher is Adjunct Professor for Innovation at Imperial College Business School, London, UK, a member of the Board of Directors of the India-U.S. World Affairs Institute and of Leading Edge Only.


Advisory Board.
  • Len S. Anthony

    General Counsel, Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc.
  • Rick Chitwood

    Principal, Chitwood Energy Management
  • Michael Cohen

    VP Business Development, StrataSolar
  • Rich Gianni

    VP Finance, Ziptonix
  • Glenn Harder

    Former CFO, Progress Energy
  • Lew Harriman

    Principal, Mason-Grant Consulting
  • Andrew Hatchell

    Data Scientist—Solution Architect, Teradata
  • J. Alan Menius

    Group Director, Discovery Analytics, GSK
  • Leon Meyers

    Owner, L.E. Meyers Builders
  • Craig Morrison

    Owner, Cimmaron Homes
  • Simon Rich

    Former Managing Director, JV, Duke / Louis Dreyfus
  • Mitch Williams

    Former Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Progress Energy
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